CHROMDET Analytical Instrument Ltd was founded in 1990 for developing and manufacturing the equipment for air contamination monitoring.

Our production line includes portable gas analyzers, fixed point gas detection systems, gas generators, photoionization sources. Our instruments are mainly based on the principle of photoionization detection that supplies reliable and accurate measurement of wide variety of dangerous air contaminants from low ppm level up to thousands ppm.

CHROMDET instruments are widely used for safety and industrial hygiene purposes in different branches of industry, including oil, gas, etc. in Russia.

CHROMDET offers wide selection of photoionization VUV-lamps which show longevity up to 10,000 hours of continual operation.

CHROMDET is a high-tech company having great experience of research and development of original units and instruments. The main technical solutions used in our products are patented in Russia and other countries.


61, str. 20, ul. Molodogvardeyskaya, 121351 Moscow, Russia

Tel/Fax +7(495)789-85-59

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